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An easy and convenient way to stay in touch
when you are away from home!


ComparAction Calling Cards are exceptionally practical and convenient. Don't have a quarter? You never need to worry about having change to make phone calls. You can even use your card for placing local calls.

There’s no need to carry cash, no need to worry about having change when you need it most. Calls to Canada and the U.S. are just 15¢ a minute, anytime.

How to use your Calling Card

For calls placed in Canada and the United States

  1. Dial 1-888-273-6991.
  2. Follow the voice instructions.
  3. To place another call, do not hang up.
    Simply press the "#" button after each call ends.

For calls placed anywhere else in the world

Calling card usage is restricted to calls originating from Canada and the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska) to anywhere in the world. If you wish to make calls from overseas, we recommend that you purchase prepaid calling cards once at your destination, as this would be your most economical solution.